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Social Media Marketing Service in Smyrna TN

Social Media Marketing by Tristar Marketing Solutions is one of our flagship services. We help you connect with your audience and increase your reach. We schedule and automate the posting process to Facebook and Instagram as a base service. We also offer automation and scheduling to other social media platforms in our custom packages.

Showcase your company personality through themed posts including: Quotes, humorous, call to action, events, work showcasing, sharing reviews and testimonials. Your audience will think of you first when they need your services or products.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all about building your brand and your relevant audience. Posting a variety of articles, images, videos, and interesting content will appeal to your audience with the occasional call to action and offer. Keeping your audience engaged is the number one priority when designing a winning Social Media Marketing campaign.

Tristar Marketing Solutions uses a theme approach in a 4-6 day per week cadence with one post per day including all holidays and relevant events. You want to inspire, inform, make your audience laugh and give them something they will love to share and act on.

Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?

The simple, one word answer – YES! Social Media Marketing can really help your business. How does it help? By building brand awareness and sharing your message on a consistent basis. When your customers and clients see your brand consistently, they know who to call when they need your services. 

Also, social media marketing gives you an opportunity to build solid relationships with your audience by engaging and answering questions in real time. When social media marketing is used along side a solid marketing plan, it can be extremely valuable.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses

Social Media Marketing can help your business build an audience that it would otherwise be unable to reach. When your content is engaging, your followers are more likely to share, comment and like. Every time your social media content is liked, shared and commented – you increase your relevancy score … which helps your business and brand.

Sharing your work proof to show potential customers and clients that you are a quality service provider is one way that helps your business through social media marketing. 

Giving your audience something to laugh at and also motivating them through encouraging words has shown to be highly engaging as well.

Tristar Marketing Solutions is happy to help you with your social media marketing needs. Call us today so we can learn how we can help.

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Our base, Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing packages start at $199 per month. If you are interested in automating more platforms, we will build a custom package that is affordable to further build your brand.

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