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Divorce Lawyer Queens NY Case Study

This is a document of an actual client where you can see he did have a little bit of rankings, but nothing that great. Once we finished a few months of SEO you will see we went from pretty far down the list to the top positions. In this case study you will follow along with us the process for how we actually ranked this in one of the hardest places to rank clients in the USA.

The original purpose of this case study was to show that all SEO is not the same. Many agencies will tell you that SEO Is created equal, or they are the best, the intent of this case study was to show that in a competitive niche, in a populated area of over a million in population that quality SEO can still win in
2023! Below you will read about different tasks performed and grids pulled to show you what the result was as well as the length of time it took to rank the client. The last snippet was a taken on 30th of May, to show that it is still ranking!

Here is the starting position

Google Maps Ranking for Lawyers

You can see in the image above that the total square miles is 20, which means from that business out to the end of the grid is 2.5 miles. 2.5 miles reach is not a good reach even in Queens New York. They did get calls but it was only like 2-3 per week at this point. We do have to take in hand that the population
of Queens NY is about 1.2 million people.

We started off with finding the gaps in the work that was done before. We call this foundational SEO. WE are gong in and finding things like directories that are missing the competition has and getting those for our clients, vs flying blind like most agencies do.

From there we also added in links from our google news syndication and map embeds. We also did 2 press releases and let it sit for a short period to make sure that the work was moving in the right direction. From time to time a profile moves backwards before it moves forward. The client was already
a little nervous because he had worked with other agencies who did not get him results so we need to move a little more cautiously. 

The next grid google is not giving us much feedback as the grid is about the same

Local SEO for Lawyers

So now we go in and make some location based profiles online, and create a couple of patch articles (hyper local news site, works well for profiles). We also create some websites and cloud-based links for the niche and for the location. We also pushed out one more press release. We also geotagged photo’s and uploaded them to photo sharing sites, help the client get a couple of reviews from clients, and created a few articles on the site to help google further understand exactly where the client is and what the client does. Lastly, we spoke with the client, and we added in CTR (Click through rate, which simulates the client’s brand dominance for that area on google search). Once again, we do all of this and wait two weeks to see what happens next! Please note that this was a lot of work, so it was about 1 month later from the start of the work here.

Below you will read about different tasks performed and grids pulled to show you what the result was as well as the length of time it took to rank the client. The last snippet was a taken on 30th of May, to show that it is still ranking!

Grid pull 3! We moved it slightly so you could see the growth north!

Now things are starting to look pretty good two months in. What is starting to happen at this point is now they are getting calls almost everyday now. So this is a good thing. We know we are on the right track. What we do next is more of everything we did before, but we make some modifications to it. We add in areas to our press releases, we talk about neighborhoods in some of the links from the articles, we add in more articles to the site, add in more directories, press releases, Map Embeds, backlinks, we also add in some google links, we do some advanced movements in the search engine urls themselves, pretty much just more of everything.

The next day we pull a grid (from the previous grid)– January 5 th – Google is talking now!

Get more calls for divorce lawyers using local seo

The green is what we work for! At this point his phone starts ringing about 2-7 times per day. It is organic, so from time to time there is a day with no calls. It is very rare, but it does happen. The work we were doing mentioned above did this for us! Meanwhile we still work on the profile, but it is in maintenance mode now. So much less work has to be done on the profile to keep it at the top. We can’t stop working on it because this is New York City by the way!

This is what a great grid looks like!

Ranking Divorce Lawyers in Google Maps

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